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Best Teak Wood For Boat Decks

Get The Right Teak For Your Needs 

Teak is extremely popular for boat decks. It’s very dense, moisture-resistant, and beautiful. When sealed, it can easily resist the moisture, weather, and harsh UV rays common on both yachts and smaller fishing or pleasure vessels.

So whether you own a smaller watercraft, or a gigantic megayacht, chances are that teak is the #1 choice for your deck. It’s not cheap, but it lasts a long time, and is worth every penny.

But what is the best teak wood for boat decks? There are a lot of conflicting opinions, and the marketing terms used in the marine carpentry industry may be confusing to you. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best types of teak for boat decks. Let’s get started!

Don’t Fall For Marketing Buzzwords – You Want “Burmese Teak”!

The only “true” teak is Burmese Teak. Of course, not all teak is grown in Burma, but this moniker is also applied to most plantation-grown teak – and it means that you’re buying genuine, “true” teak.

You see, due to the popularity of teak for boat decks – and its high cost – many companies are using the word “teak” to sell lower-quality, inexpensive wood decking that does not adhere to the same quality standards.

You may have seen “Brazilian Teak” for example – which is actually Cumaru. This wood is weather and moisture-resistant, but very hard to work into a high-quality teak deck.

“Rhodesian Teak” refers to a type of redwood found in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). It is also very difficult to use in boat decks, because it is extremely stiff and strong.

Don’t fall for marketing buzzwords. Make sure you’re getting “true” teak from any supplier you’re working with! 

The 3 Top Types Of Teak Wood For Boat Decksteak-deck-op

Teak varies somewhat based on the country from which it is sourced. Here is a sampling of the top 3 types of teak wood used in boat decks.

  1. Bojonegoro teak – Considered to be some of the finest teak in the world, Bojonegoro teak comes from Indonesia. It has a rich golden color, and is usually straight-grained with medium spacing between grains – though “wavy” grained wood is also not uncommon. It is quite expensive, so it is mainly used in high-budget boat restorations.
  2. Banyuwangi teak – Banyuwangi teak is more inexpensive than Indonesian teak, and primarily comes from India. It has a less rich color, but maintains all of the other properties that make teak such a wonderful decking material.
  3. Tectona grandis (common teak) – Tectona grandis is the Latin name for “common teak”, and this is the most common type of teak – and the most inexpensive. Usually farmed on plantations, this is the best choice for environmental sustainability, as most other types of teak are not harvested using environmentally-friendly logging practices.

These 3 types of teak wood all have their differences, but these are mostly aesthetic. As long as you find a supplier who will give you genuine teak, it’s sure to be the perfect decking choice for your vessel.

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