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Marine Carpentry Services

OP Yacht Services is composed of a team of experienced carpenters, versed in all forms of joinery work, and specialized in interior modifications and upgrades.
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Installing Burmese Teak Since 1996
We are experts in all aspects of marine carpentry, capable of disassembling interiors to provide access for structural repairs and or modifications. Mold fabrication and tooling are just some of the many unique services provided at OP Yacht Services.

Our Marine Carpentry Services

Teak Decking

We add new/replace old decks on your boat. Teak decks stand up to the environment and look great.


Our difference lies in the premium quality materials applied, and in the skilled craftsmen that build every wood countertop by hand.

Teak Flooring

When installed properly, wood floors look very luxurious; and yachts and luxury always go hand in hand.


OP Yacht Services builds cabinets from scratch, so that they can fit in perfectly in the interior of the boat.

We Serve Yachts Across the Globe

If you’re interested in elevating your yacht, marine carpentry is a great place to start. The vessel interior is often overlooked, in favor of fancy new paint jobs or specialized ceramic coatings. However, OP Yacht Services believes the galley, bedroom, bathroom, and other living spaces are just as important as the mechanical components and the exterior of your boat.

Global Leader in Teak Decking

We provide some of the best yacht quality carpentry in the industry. Our technicians are very skilled and pride themselves in beautiful craftsmanship. From interior construction to exterior decks, every project performed by us, leads to a top notch result. Give us a call and let us show you what we can build for you today.


Customer Satisfaction

Teaks Installed

Need Teak Repairs? We Got You!

Our marine carpentry services also include repairs of all kinds. Whether you need to get a floor replaced or want to repair the decking. A marine carpenter would be able to repair and restore your boat so that it looks as good as new!

Burmese Teak Is The ONLY Choice

It’s pretty clear that people prize teak wood above your average length of pine or oak. But why is that, exactly? The answer lies in the natural oils and rubber found within teak.

An abundance of natural oils and rubber locked right into the tight grain of the wood. Teak can retain these oils and its rubber even after being felled and processed. For this reason, teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than just about any other type of wood.

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Choose OP Yacht Services For Your Next Marine Carpentry Project!

If you’re looking for a marine carpentry company in Fort Lauderdale, OP Yacht Services is an ideal choice. Our team of marine carpentry experts deliver fantastic results on every project. Contact us to learn about our rates, availability, or schedule a consultation with our team today!