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What Is The Best Type Of Teak Decking For Boats?

Find The Teak That’s Right For You!

Teak is a very expensive wood, but it’s absolutely the “gold standard” when it comes to decking for boats, yachts, and other watercraft. Teak is naturally resistant to the elements, and it has a gorgeous grain and deep color that make it exceptionally attractive.

But choosing teak for your boat can be quite difficult, especially if you are replacing a boat deck made of composites, or a different type of wood.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best type of teak decking for boats, as well as the teak grading system, “false teak” products, and more. Get started, and learn everything you need to know about the best teak decking for boats. 

The Teak Grading System – What You Need To Know

Before we get any further, we should discuss the teak grading system. While several different systems exist, the most common grading system goes from A-C, with “A” grade teak being the highest quality. Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Grade A – Grade A teak consists of the wood taken from the “heartwood” at the very center of the log. It is uniform in color, oily to the touch, and extremely durable and weather-resistant. As a rule, this is the only type of teak you should consider for teak decking on a boat. 
  • Grade B – Grade B teak comes from the outer heartwood. It is lighter in color and usually more uneven in grain, and not as high in natural oils. When treated with oils and sealed, it can be used for some outdoor applications and indoor/outdoor areas, but it does not usually last as long as Grade A teak. 
  • Grade C – Grade C teak is only appropriate for a few indoor applications, and is not recommended for marine use by most carpenters. It comes from the outer sections of the log (sapwood), and from immature teak trees. It is softer and less dense, has few protective oils, and can be easily damaged. Avoid Grade C teak, if at all possible.

When looking for the best teak decking for your boat, ask what grade the product is, and for a sample, if possible. Look for a dense, tough, oily wood with an even grain structure and a uniform color – these are all sure sign of Grade A teak.

Beware Of “False Teak”

Due to the popularity of teak, some companies market different woods as “Teak”. Names you might hear include “Brazilian Teak”, “Rhodesian Teak”, or “Amazonia Teak”. Most of these woods are similar to teak in appearance and function, but they are not true teak.

If you are shelling out the money for a new teak deck, make sure that you get true teak – because that is the only type of wood that will offer the best lifespan, and a luxurious appearance for your boat deck.

Always Invest In The Highest Quality Teak You Can Afford  

Teak is not cheap. Grade A teak can be up to 2-3x more expensive than other luxury hardwoods like mahogany. But you should not cut corners when shopping for teak decking. Find a product that is made of Grade A teak, and ensure that it’s verified as teak by the supplier.

There’s good news, though. Teak decks can easily last 20-30 years before they need replacing, if they are maintained properly – and they often add quite a bit of value to a boat.

Interested in renovating your boat, and adding teak decking? Contact OP Yacht Services right away! We are marine carpentry experts, and we can supply you with top-graded teak decking that is sure to last for the years and decades to come. Learn more now!