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Whether you already own a yacht or not, you’re probably well aware that the price of ownership is quite high. Not only do you need to hire a crew, including a captain and an engineer, for most large yachts, you’ll need to regularly fork over quite a bit of money for yacht repairs and refinishing.

You may be wondering why, exactly, yacht repairs are so expensive. Repairs for a yacht may easily cost 10x as much as repairs to a smaller fishing craft, for example.

In this article, OP Yacht Services will look at the top 4 reasons that repairing a yacht is so expensive. Let’s get started.

1. Yacht Repair And Refitting Can Involve Dozens Of Different Areas Of Expertise

Let’s say you’re interested in a comprehensive refit of your yacht. Potentially, there could be dozens of different people involved in the project, such as:

● Plumbers
● Electricians
● Engineers and mechanics
● Specialist marine painters
● Marine welders
● Carpenters
● Interior designers
● Marine electricians
● Fairing and fiberglass repair specialists
● Upholstery professionals
● Window glaziers

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even a smaller yacht repair project, such as restoring a damaged gelcoat, can easily require multiple specialized employees and contractors, who command a very high rate.

2. Repairing And Refitting A Yacht Can Take Months

The process of a comprehensive yacht repair and refit can take quite a while. While rush jobs can sometimes be completed more quickly, a thorough refinishing can easily take a few months – so yacht companies must price their repair services accordingly.

Every day that your yacht is at their facility is a day that they can’t repair a different yacht – so longer projects will always cost you quite a bit of money.

3. Yachts Use Specialized (And Expensive) Materials

If you’ve got a luxury yacht, it’s probably been built with some of the best materials on the market.

Would you want your yacht repair company to replace a worn-out, full-grain leather seat with vinyl upholstery? Would you want a worn-down marble countertop to be replaced with a cheap laminate counter? Probably not!

The same goes for every surface, material, and component on your yacht. You’re not going to get good results if you choose the cheapest option – so unless you specifically ask for a cut-rate finish, your yacht repair company will replace them with materials of a similar or higher quality.

4. Every Repair Must Be Double (And Triple) Checked

Once it’s been finished, your yacht repair must be double and triple-checked by QA specialists, who ensure that everything is up to your rigorous standards, and every repaired system is functioning properly.

Water tests may have to be performed, which can be quite expensive, and third-party QA staff may be hired to ensure the proper functionality of every aspect of your yacht.

The best yacht repair companies will leave no stone unturned during this process, ensuring that your yacht is in perfect condition, and completely seaworthy.

Yacht Repair Service Is Not Cheap – For Good Reason!

Your yacht is an enormous investment. You’re already going to be paying for fuel, insurance, crewmembers, and more – so a hefty repair bill shouldn’t come as any surprise. Great yacht service is not cheap, because your yacht must be handled with care by specialist technicians.

Unless you want to risk a cut-rate repair that could put your yacht at risk, it’s best to turn to a well-regarded, established yacht repair and refinishing company such as OP Yacht Services.

So don’t wait, and don’t trust any other yacht repair service in Southern Florida. Contact us now to learn more about what we do, and get an initial consultation and project estimate.